Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jamie and Alisha

I had the honor of photographing a beautiful wedding on the 11th of September in Chico, CA. The event took place at The Palms, with gorgeous gardens, waterfalls and water fountains, palapas, koi ponds, it was AMAZING! I had the opportunity to photograph the their engagement portraits, the bride's bridal shower, and the couple's rehearsal and dinner, and of course their wedding day. It was a beautiful day for Jamie and Alisha. Jamie and Alisha have been sweethearts for a very long time, growing up together in their hometown of Chester, CA. The couple looked incredibly thrilled to start their new journey together. My favorite part of their wedding day was seeing both Alisha and Jamie’s faces when Alisha came down the aisle. They were glowing with happiness and smiles. This was such a well-organized wedding and everything went so smoothly. The mood was tranquil yet there was excitement in the air. The girls were very beautiful and fun to photograph, and the boys were extremely animated. There was so much support and love for Alisha and Jamie from all of their family and friends. I had such a blast photographing their very special day. I feel very blessed to have photographed all these wonderful events for them. Just last year, I photographed Jamie's grandmother's wedding. So as you can imagine, I was touched when Jamie and Alisha asked me to be their photographer. Here's a slideshow of their amazing wedding story. Thank you Alisha and Jamie and congratulations on your marriage. Enjoy :-)