Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Katie and Pete 9.10.11

I am very behind on updating my blog. I have a few weddings from 2011 wedding season that I have yet to add. With our move from Plumas County to Santa Barbara County and getting settled and getting my feet wet back down here with my photography, I have neglected with my posts....

I wanted to add some images from a wedding I did back on September 10, 2011 of Katie and Pete. They live right by Lake Almanor, just a hop skip and a jump away from the lake shore. Their wedding was a beautiful warm day set outside. There were some cloud coverage, and some threatening rain and thunder. Their ceremony was arranged in their large front yard overlooking Lake Almanor. Their ceremony was in their neighbors front yard elegantly decorated. Pete was my husband's Battalion Chief at the Almanor District, Jerick had also worked with Katie while she had a position there in the same office. Katie and Pete have a sweet and precious baby girl who was just as cute as a button in her little gown. Their ceremony was very touching as Katie walked down the aisle with Ben Harper's "Three Of Us" song. It caused me to get teary-eyed when I saw Katie have a moment as she saw her groom. After the ceremony, as we proceeded to the lake, the clouds that looked threatening from earlier in the day, finally gave out some drops of rain and thundering crashes. We all took shelter and huddled together under some pine trees waiting for the cloud cell to move on. We worked as efficiently as we could photographing the family portraits, bridal party portraits, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and bride and groom portraits. We had a blast photographing everyone, so fun and animated. Their reception was sweet, with a gorgeous view of the sunset over the lake. Tiki torches lit the perimeter of their party. We enjoyed a BBQ dinner and dancing. The bride and groom tossed their bouquet and garter from the balcony of their neighbors home. We enjoyed some down time in between firing the camera shutter visiting some fire buddies. All in all, it was a beautiful wedding day, and we were truly honored with the pleasure of photographing Katie and Pete's wedding. Enjoy!

Monday, May 14, 2012

CD cases and labels

Here's a pic that I posted on my facebook of my new CD cases and labels! I am so excited about them!!
I purchased the CD cases and labels from Rebinder. I designed the labels myself and printed it all off my computer/printer. I'm so happy with them!!

Cody and Alex's Wedding

It's been a while since I sat down to write on my blog. It's been a roller coaster of a winter. I've been hit with 5 sinus infections, a stomach flu in January, 8 weeks of vertigo, and had surgery in mid-April. Whew!  Well, besides all the speed bumps with my health, I have been a little busy editing weddings and family portraits that I was asked to photograph. I will be posting images here and there.
The first set of images are from a Cody and Alex's wedding that my husband and I were asked with the honor to photograph. My husband works with the groom, Alex, with the US Forest Service. Cody is a junior high school teacher. We photographed their engagement photos back in November at Kuleto Winery during Veterans Day weekend. It had rained the day before, and we lucked out the next day with gorgeous weather. Cody and Alex got married on April 14, 2012 at the Rincon Beach Club in Carpinteria. And crazy enough, it rained on the day of their rehearsal. Alex and Cody invited Jerick and me to their rehearsal and BBQ dinner. We were able to enjoy our time visiting fire buddies and get to meet the close friends and family of Alex and Cody. The day of their wedding was yet again a gorgeous, clear, warm, and sunny day. We lucked out again. The bride had some fun props with blue parasols that matches her bridesmaids dresses. The groomsmen had surf boards along with them while we photographed at the beach. The bride and groom even brought with them a hammock that the entire bridal party held onto for Cody and Alex to sit on. We had some fun photographing the bridal party jumping off some rocks at the beach and some amazing shots along the train tracks. I couldn't help by think of the movie "Stand By Me" when the main character yelled, "Train!" really loud. The garden area was beautiful to photograph in. Alex and Cody were so relaxed and everything stayed on track with their time line agenda. Jerick and I couldn't keep our fingers off the shutter button on our cameras. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Their ceremony was very sweet and touching. The dinner was amazing at Rincon Beach Club. The garden at night was lit up with so many beautiful enchanting lights, it was magical like Disneyland. Their friends and family had a blast on the dance floor. We stayed till the last song was over and enjoyed some extra goodbyes with our fire buddies. I have finished editing, color correcting and color enhancing their images within a few weeks, a new record for me. I was excited about getting Cody and Alex their images and slideshow. I had bought new CD cases from Rebinder, made from recycled paper, and CD labels. I have been anxious to finally print on them and deliver their CDs in their beautiful cases and cute tote bag that I had custom designed. We are still currently working on designing their Thank You cards and I am working on finishing their design for their KISS wedding book. Here are some amazing proofs from their wedding. Enjoy!