Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kyle and Debbie 11/1/11

Good Morning!

These images are from Kyle and Debbie's wedding from November 1, 2011. Kyle and Debbie were married in a beautiful cabin-like home in Almanor West on the shore of Lake Almanor.  It was a beautiful sunny autumn morning with a brisk chill in the air.  I was there for their wedding rehearsal, which was full of laughs and tears. The bride and groom have an inside joke about Mr. Potato Head, Debbie included him in their rehearsal of their wedding vows. So funny!! Kyle and Debbie are incredibly sweet. This is a story of love, the second time around.  Each of their own grown children were deeply involved in their wedding. Kyle's son and daughter stood with him during their wedding ceremony and Debbie's three sons were with her during the wedding ceremony. Debbie and Kyle made touching vows to their step-children. Their wedding colors were a soft pink and grey, the bride had touches of pink on her wedding gown and in her jewelry. Kyle and his mother had me photograph a special moment in which they honored Kyle's father. After the ceremony, the bride and groom greeted their guests in a receiving line outside. There was this amazing balcony that I was able to shoot from looking down at the greetings. After we photographed family portraits, I was able to sneak away with the bride and groom for their portraits. Although it was chilly outside, we were able to get some sweet photos. After the bride had her dress bustled, the bride and groom proceeded with their wedding reception of their first dance and eating amazing food that Kyle's sister made, cutting their cake that Debbie's co-worker made, and visiting with their guests. They had so many amazing friends and family that helped them make their wedding day so special.
I had the incredible honor being their wedding photographer. They had an amazing wedding day filled with love and support from all their close family members and friends.  It was definitely a sweet and romantic day. Here are some images from their wedding album that I designed for them. Enjoy!!

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