Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Becky and Josh's Wedding Images

What a beautifully warm Wednesday we've had here in Buellton!!! Wow!

I wanted to post some images from the wedding of Becky and Josh Hutchison from April 28, 2012.
Jerick had the pleasure of working with Chester Fly Crew summer/fire season of 2011.  He knew most of the guys on the crew anyway, being that the Fly Crew was across the street from his Crew-1 station in Chester, Ca. Jerick worked with Josh on the Fly Crew that summer. And in late December, early January, we heard the wonderful news that Josh proposed to Becky while they were visiting Yosemite.
Josh and Becky came to visit us while we were at the Davis Bridal Show in Davis, Ca. It was great being able to meet up, and they live in Woodland which is very close to Davis. It was wonderful seeing them and the big smiles on their face with their engagement.
Becky and Josh are a truly amazing couple. They camp together, hike, rock climb, go to Disneyland (my favorite), ride bikes, they love their yellow lab puppy dog, CJ, run, and swim and much more! Both of them are strong, genuine, filled with bright smiles, funny, sweet and caring, young-at-heart, and NATURAL athletes. I was in awe of their athleticism.
Throughout the months we kept in touch through emails and texting and phone calls. We figured out the details from afar with their images requests to our travel plans. Their wedding took place at The Chalet Lodge located between Graeagle and Portola, Ca. It was great being back in the pine trees, there's nothing like that sweet fresh smell.
We arrived there on Friday, the day before the wedding. We stayed at the Lodge that night and we were able to catch up with some of our friends and relax and enjoy ourselves. The Lodge was simply beautiful with a luxury modern-rustic decor all tucked away in the pines. Our room was very cozy, it was very relaxing.  The morning of their wedding day, the girls spent some time prepping in the spa and in the salon. The boys went off shooting clay pigeons and played volleyball. Jerick was with the boys photographing the target shooting in action and I was photographing candids of the girls getting pampered. Becky just loves the Disney character, Goofy. So their colors were a tangerine orange and a soft teal blue.  They had a HUGE white tent for their wedding reception with sheer orange drapings in the tent and lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Their wedding cake was of two mountains and a scenic landscape below the mountains. Their wedding gift to their guests were carabiner with their names printed on them.  There was even a frame picture of their Disney trading pins, all with Goofy on them, that spelled out "Hutchison." Amazing personal touches!!
Their wedding ceremony was on the Lodge's green with the gorgeous scenery of the pines behind them.  During their ceremony, the bride and groom mixed a sweet and bitter beer together and drank it, as to represent the sweet and bitter times a marriage may face, but they are together in it all. Loved it!! The bride wore an elegant sheath dress, Becky looked absolutely stunning!! After the ceremony, we snapped their photos, even got some great images with Becky and Josh with their puppy dog, CJ. There was a canoe by the pond area and the boys had a blast get their photos taken in the canoe. Becky and Josh were troopers and got in the canoe as well. We were stoked  to finish our pictures in a timely manner and we were able to get them to their reception right on time. When the DJ announced the arrival of the new Mr and Mrs, they did their sweet first dance.  Dinner was fun buffet and there was even a chocolate fountain! During the early reception, there was a rock climb wall, a bounce house, lawn games, and card game for the guests. When we were done photographing the sunset images with the bride and groom, Becky changed into comfy clothes and she and Josh had their first climb together on the rock wall.  Jerick scaled the rock wall with his camera and snapped photos of them making their way up the rock wall. Jerick got some amazing photos of them and of the view of the grounds. Everyone had a blast at their wedding reception, great music and super fun times!! There were so many guests on the dance floor! What a great celebration!!
Here are some images we used from their wedding album. Becky and Josh had such a fun wedding. We were so glad that we were able to be their photographers!
Enjoy!! :)

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